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Finsen, a minor Danish publishing house, has specialised in books about World famous race drivers Tom Kristensen and Jan Magnussen. Especially two of the books are interesting for the international market as they are translated into English.


Tom K & Le Mans

The first of those books is "Tom K & Le Mans", which looks back on the Dane's first seven races at Le Mans. It all starts in 1997 with the last minute deal to race for the independent German team, Joest Racing. Kristensen is paired with two former F1 Ferrari stars, Michele Alboreto and Stefan Johansson. Despite not knowing neither track nor car Kristensen storms to stardom with victory and fastest lap, in fact setting a new track record.

   The next year the Dane secures a contract with BMW, but is close to a fatal crash as his V12 engined prototype during prequalifying suddenly gets airborn at the speed of 317 km/h! Read the description and fell the fear yourself ...

   In 1999 the BMW team is much better prepared, and Kristensen looks almost certain of victory four hours before the end. His car is leading with more than 50 km, but then team mate JJ Lehto suffers from a mechanical failure and crashes heavily. Take a good look at the pictures from the BMW pit when the team and drivers realise they are out after an incredible domination.  

   The next three races for Audi are legend stuff with Kristensen securing a hattrick with fellow drivers Emanuele Pirro and Frank Biela. But the victories are not that easy, which Tom tells the readers in fantastic details. Especially the 2001 race is very emotional due to the sudden death of Michele Alboreto during a test in the Audi protoype at Lausitzring. Hereafter the Le Mans race itself turns into a nightmare with thunder storms and cars floating off the track again and again.

   The books last chapter is another legendary story about the famous 2003 victory for Bentley. Tom K brillantly descripes his frustrations being in a British team that obviously prefers the sister car with three British top drivers to win. But then a risky master plan from the Kristensen car changes the internal hierarchy.

   Tom K & Le Mans is a gigantic book (35 x 25 x 1,5 cm) packed with action filled pictures from some of the greatest photographers within motorsports. It is heavy, 1,3 kg, but worth every penny. And by the way, the foreword is written by Derek Bell.



We are the Champions

In 2005 Tom Kristensen became a legend, winning the famous Le Mans race for the 7th time - breaking Belgian driver Jacky Ickx' long time record of six victories.

   In order not to conflict with the previous "Tom K & Le Mans" book author Nils Finderup together with Tom Kristensen descripe the wonderful marriage between Tom and the Audi R8 prototype. Together the pairing of car and driver participated in 33 races, including five victories at Le Mans and two at Sebring. Numerous victories in American Le Mans Series secures Kristensen the ALMS title in 2002, but especially the Le Mans races in 2004 and 2005 (obviously not included in Tom K & Le Mans) are magnificent chapters, as Kristensen's cars at both occassions were underdogs.  

   We are the Champions is almost same size as Tom K & Le Mans (1 cm shorter due to a new bookbinder with smaller equipment!), but has more pages and weighs 1,4 kg. 



About the Author

Nils Finderup is educated as both a journalist and a photographer. He made his first interview with Tom Kristensen when the Le Mans legend was only 19 years old and heading for a gocart race in Las Vegas. This led to a long time friendship, and from 1997 to 2010 Finderup was press manager for Kristensen. The unique combination of a writing photographer with the deepest insight in the life of the most succesful sports car driver ever has resulted in some amazing books, loved by both readers and critics.   



The gentlemen of the Press wrote:

Tom K & Le Mans: "This well written book has been so thoroughly prepared that you can almost hear the screaming tyres and smell the hot brakes. It is not just for motorsport fans but for everyone, who simply loves a good story, illustrated by fantastic photos."

Michael Holt, Vmax        


Tom K & Le Mans: "By far the best book about Tom Kristensen's races at Le Mans, including the best pictures and all the inside stories. A roaring recommendation!"

Flemming Haslund, Autocar


Tom K & Le Mans: "Incredible photos. A high speed kick into a fascinating world."

Thomas Wulff, Sportscar


We are the Champions: "What can I say? The Kristensen/Finderup duo has done it again. If I had to rate "We are the Champions" on a scale from 1 to 7 I wouldn't hesitate to give the book seven big stars. Fantastic photos, great humor and insight. An absolute must!"

Ulrik Them Poulsen, Motorsporten


"These books are amazing. I suddenly can recall all the races again, just like they were, but without the photos and the detailed descriptions I simply would have forgot so much."

Ralf Jüttner, team manager, Joest Racing (Audi Sport partner at Le Mans)






Including postage to most European countries the price for Tom K & Le Mans is 55 Euro.

Including postage to most European countries the price for We are the Champions is 68 Euro.

Buy both books (including postage to most European countries) for just 99 Euro.


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Finsen has published two Le Mans books in English with focus on Tom K